Friday, October 31, 2014

California Quail

Today we enjoyed hot sculpting two California Quail. Love working with Rick, and Hannah - the family team. "baby quail" too! Our newest, completed Quail just went home with his owners tonight. They were able to watch the hot process earlier with friends and a glass of wine. There are many layers of glass powders and many steps involved in manipulating the hot glass. The steel legs complete the Quail and are also made in the studio to fit each bird individually. Tomorrow will bring another adventure in glass blowing as we prepare for the Placerarts Autumn Art Studios Tour November 7, 8, and 9.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bennett Sculpture Carmel

Bennett Sculpture Carmel - where fairy tales are made!
Inner Drive

Carmel Beach

Pacheco Pass - initial inspiration for our Landscape Series
Full Moon on the drive home
We are honored to be a part of Bennett Sculpture Gallery in Carmel California. My friend and major helper, Leslie drove us and the glass down from Auburn so we had a wonderful adventure!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Equine Series

Even before the Derby and the debut of California Chrome, we have been working on our new sculptural Equine Series. I've been passionate about horses all of my life and when Rick completed a class with the Murano Maestro, Pino Signoretto, at Pilchuck in 2013, we knew we were ready to sculpt them in glass. The sculpture challenges Rick to move beyond blowing to include hot sculpting, manipulating the hot glass and adding hot bits and parts with the help of our daughter, Hannah. She graduated in art from University of California, Santa Cruz then traveled South and Central America before settling in with us to improve her glass working skills. Hannah and her Dad are quite a team! We still have two horses (lawn ornaments) in their 30s living with us and Rick can touch and study their structure first hand before heading for the hot shop. Currently, we have Hannah's boyfriend from Buenos Aires living and working with us too. You never know where life leads. Meanwhile we are busy filling orders and sculpting too - even through this hot Auburn summer. We will be demonstrating a horse Friday night August 15 from 7 to 9:30 and Fawnridge Winery will introduce their new Artist Series label. Join us for an evening of fun if you are able.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We were excited to be able to see one of our hand blown and hot sculpted Torsos in place. What a creative idea to create a niche where a medicine cabinet used to be! It is so fascinating to watch Rick sculpt a Torso. They are definitely the most difficult piece that we do.  And, once in a while, Rick loves a challenge!

SAGE is available in our studio. She is 12"H, $1400.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Making the most of an installation day!

Pendant Chandelier installation in a beautiful home in Galt - We created three pendants for their kitchen earlier and made a chandelier to compliment them. The colors are grey, bone and dark topaz - a rich combination. The canopy was hand forged by David.

Since it was a Sunday, I decided to make it a day to explore! Rick grows grapes and makes Zinfandel wine. Since Lodi is known for it's Zins, we began at the Wine and Visitors Center They suggested Michael-David where one of our favorite Zins is made - Earthquake Zin. Yummy! They suggested a special treat - Jessie's Grove. The  land was purchased and settled in the late 1880's and Jessie's granddaughter spins interesting family history stories while you taste wine on the patio. Some of their Old Zin vines are 120 years old. As dusk approached Rick and I made our way to the Isenberg Crane Reserve to watch the Sandhill Cranes come in to roost for the night. They are about 3' tall and their wine span is about 6 feet. Very impressive! Many had already begun the journey north but you can see hundreds here from November through February. I  plan to go back next season. The Reserve is just off I 5 near Lodi. I enjoyed shooting "abstracts" out the window on the way home.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 begins with much needed rest!

 35 years ago we hiked the Na Pali Coastline on our honeymoon! This time we managed a mile in. Far enough to see spectacular views. Our "Love Shack" on Kauai was about four feet from the beach. We had huge wave warnings - 50' by midnight. I was packed and slept in my clothes ready to evacuate at any minute. Rick just laughed. Of course they just reached 30' by morning. Absolutely spectacular! No swimming. Not even surfing.  Rick's distant cousins are neighbors of the Princeville Botanical Gardens and what a treat to see all that they have accomplished! Amazing plantings everywhere. They even make chocolate from their cacao. Truly though, our reason for the visit was to see Rick's Mom. She has managed to reach 90 so time with her is precious.

Refreshed and back in the studio!
Full Moon Rising over Diamond Head - Oahu

Huge storm waves hitting the Na Pali coastline on Kauai

Princeville Botanical garden - 8 acres of incredible plantings

Sunrise from our "Love Shack" on the beach near the end of the road on Kauai.