Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Furnace Repair Adventure

Contemplating the dilemma!
Treasures from inside the crucible.
Beautiful if it weren't so frustrating!
Glued shut with the glass that leaked out of the crucible.

Finally made it all the way inside!

I'm saving this chunk!
An interesting week at Nicholson Blown Glass. We suspected a leak when the crucible refused to fill up completely as we charged for the week. First we pushed through some order deadlines and, thankfully, Matt was able to come up and help with the repair. Although the furnace front was designed in 2007 to pull out to easily replace the crucible, this leak went all the way through the bottom and cemented the furnace together. Two days of pounding and chipping finally gave way and we are inside. What a mess! Clean up, rebuild, fit the new crucible and then we hope to be well on our way to a hot furnace. Can't really estimate when............but soon!