Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Art Heals

Art heals, soothes and guides....... We just received the finished photo of our Pacheco Pass for an Onocolgy Center. And, while Rick is recovering from neck surgery, it made me think of how much I appreciate the original artwork on the walls of Kaiser Permanente. Especially as I waited for the surgery to be complete and wandered the halls. Hospital halls can be quite a maze filled with a sober atmosphere. Each piece of art made me stop and drew me into the beauty, complexity or simplicity of each one. They took my mind into a different, calm and peaceful place. They also managed to help me remember which floor I was on, where to turn and make my way to the cafeteria, bathroom, exit, waiting room or whatever my destination might have been. We have been making art for health care facilities for years now and I was grateful to appreciate it from the other viewpoint. Thank you to Beth Jones of Jay Jay Gallery in Sacramento to include our glass along with other original, local art in a Kaiser facility that we visit occasionally but make an effort to stay away from!

Meanwhile, the glass furnace is down and the days are filled with maintenance, metal sculpture and paperwork until mid August. Rick feels stronger each day and we look forward to creating in glass again. However, we are happy to be off during those 100 degree plus days. A summer break from the furnace may become a tradition!