Thursday, August 7, 2014

Equine Series

Even before the Derby and the debut of California Chrome, we have been working on our new sculptural Equine Series. I've been passionate about horses all of my life and when Rick completed a class with the Murano Maestro, Pino Signoretto, at Pilchuck in 2013, we knew we were ready to sculpt them in glass. The sculpture challenges Rick to move beyond blowing to include hot sculpting, manipulating the hot glass and adding hot bits and parts with the help of our daughter, Hannah. She graduated in art from University of California, Santa Cruz then traveled South and Central America before settling in with us to improve her glass working skills. Hannah and her Dad are quite a team! We still have two horses (lawn ornaments) in their 30s living with us and Rick can touch and study their structure first hand before heading for the hot shop. Currently, we have Hannah's boyfriend from Buenos Aires living and working with us too. You never know where life leads. Meanwhile we are busy filling orders and sculpting too - even through this hot Auburn summer. We will be demonstrating a horse Friday night August 15 from 7 to 9:30 and Fawnridge Winery will introduce their new Artist Series label. Join us for an evening of fun if you are able.