Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Making the most of an installation day!

Pendant Chandelier installation in a beautiful home in Galt - We created three pendants for their kitchen earlier and made a chandelier to compliment them. The colors are grey, bone and dark topaz - a rich combination. The canopy was hand forged by David.

Since it was a Sunday, I decided to make it a day to explore! Rick grows grapes and makes Zinfandel wine. Since Lodi is known for it's Zins, we began at the Wine and Visitors Center They suggested Michael-David where one of our favorite Zins is made - Earthquake Zin. Yummy! They suggested a special treat - Jessie's Grove. The  land was purchased and settled in the late 1880's and Jessie's granddaughter spins interesting family history stories while you taste wine on the patio. Some of their Old Zin vines are 120 years old. As dusk approached Rick and I made our way to the Isenberg Crane Reserve to watch the Sandhill Cranes come in to roost for the night. They are about 3' tall and their wine span is about 6 feet. Very impressive! Many had already begun the journey north but you can see hundreds here from November through February. I  plan to go back next season. The Reserve is just off I 5 near Lodi. I enjoyed shooting "abstracts" out the window on the way home.