Friday, September 7, 2012

Shorebirds breaking out!

 We are happy to say that our Shorebird will be featured in the Pilchuck Glass Auction October 12 at the Westin Seattle Hotel. We hope to go since it is such an outstanding and inspirational event - and we can visit cousins too!   Closer to home, another Shorebird will be featured in the KVIE Art Auction, on air September 28 -30. The reception is at the station September 24 from 5:30 to 8:30. We have given to this event for many years because we firmly believe in the importance of public community television. You can bid from the comfort of your home!  

The Shorebirds are created with hot sculpted, freehand blown glass. Rick has been refining his hot sculpting skills for several years and has taken classes with Karen Willenbrink Johnsen and Jason Johnsen. I love to play with the powder designs and our metal sculptor, David Redmond, completes the hand forged steel legs and bases. We love to go to the ocean every chance we get and can sit and watch the shorebirds run and poke through the sand for hours. We are anxious to continue to create more!

Pilchuck Glass Auction
KVIE Art Auction


  1. Will you have shorebirds in your studio this fall, too?

  2. Yes, we plan to continue to develop them. They will also be in the upcoming Amorphous glass show at the Blueline Gallery September 26 - November 10. Thanks for your interest!