Monday, March 25, 2013

David - Magical Metal Man

David Redmond has worked with us for about 5 years creating our designs in metal.  David worked in art metals in high school where he was friends with our oldest daughter. He then got his welding certificate at Butte college and we were anxious to have him help take our glass to a new level. David's work allows the glass to combine with metal in a sculptural presentation. It also allows us to take on larger installations and lighting. He forms the metal to conform to each glass piece individually. The metal is then powder coated for a more permanent patina. Currently David also teaches helicopter flying so we only see him a couple of times a week. He has settled into a wonderful life with his partner, Diana, close by. We hope he is around forever because he is a delight to work with and can do anything in metal with an attention to fine detail. Thank you for being on our team David!

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