Thursday, May 16, 2013

North Auburn Art Studios Tour - Spring 2013

The Mother's Day Tour (must be year 17 by now) was tons of fun with lots of Mom's and families out wandering the foothills. Jim and Rita Forman joined us with Rita's beautifully detailed glass beads. Hannah and Alana were extra helpful and Hannah sold a painting! Exciting because she had it hidden in the office and had just completed it. We are all hoping that she feels encouraged to keep it up. Channel 10 did a live feed Sunday morning. Chris's family stopped by just in time to see him complete a sculpture. Rick and Chris completed a large platter and a Shorebird each day. The weather was a bit hotter than usual and they were exhausted in the end. We have recuperated and are back to blowing. Currently, we are working on a large wall installation for a residence. Save the date for the Fall North Auburn Art Studios Tour September 28 and 29!


  1. Thanks for including Jim and I.. It was great fun and we enjoyed all the visiting with collectors, Happy Moms, friends, and all the visitors that were enjoying the tour. HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY TO YOU!!!!!

    1. It was a pleasure! Great to have you as a friend, Rita.