Saturday, August 10, 2013

ARTWALK a success

Michael Murphy with Rick Nicholson
Commemorative Artwalk at OLAS

Emerging Artists and friends

Fawnridge Wine

Chris Stenzel
Hannah Nicholson and paintings with Nicholson Blown Glass
We were so excited to see the huge community support out on the Commemorative Artwalk. We were extra blessed with the presence of friends, families and long time collectors. Fawnridge poured wine and featured the artists label, Primitivo, with our Shorebirds on it. Our daughter, Hannah, recently returned from South America and showed three new large paintings inspired by her travels. Our current assistant, Chris Stenzel, showed a variety of his sculptural glass and our assistant, Matt Eaton, came up from San Jose State with his latest works. The show will be open by appointment until September 1. So if you missed the fun, give me a call and come see the show. We love soaking in the energy of these young, emerging artists!

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