Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Commemorative Artwalk

Alana helping install

Chris Stenzel new work

Gerda Francesca clay sculpture

Hannah Nicholson paintings
We are busy setting up for the upcoming Auburn Artwalk Thursday August 8, 6 to 9pm, at OLAS, 175 Almond St, Auburn. Artwalk is celebrating 20 years so "old" artists were invited to feature emerging artists that they have influenced (hopefully in a positive way :). We've been here 32 years even before Placer Arts was in existence! OLAS is the old Carnegie Library, a beautiful and historic building tucked away behind downtown Auburn. It was the first home of Placer Arts and currently houses artist's studios. Gerda Francesca, an artist in residence at OLAS, invited her student, Jeanne Culhane, to show her clay. We are joined by our two assistants, Matthew Eaton and Chris Stenzel, who will be exhibiting blown glass with mixed media. Our daughter, Hannah, is sharing her paintings inspired by her recent trips to South America. Stop by 6 to 9 if you can! OLAS will be open by appointment following the Artwalk. Just give me a call. 530-823-1631

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  1. Looking forward to seeing all of you and your creative endeavors tomorrow night!